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Ballina Beverages Develop School Sensory Garden

Last month we in Moyne College were privileged to have HR Managers from Coca-Cola Plants all over the world come into us for a day. They were joined by Siobhan McGovern and Ann-Marie Coleman from the Ballina Beverages Coca-Cola Plant in Ballina. The team were challenged with a Team Building Exercise where they were asked to develop a Sensory Garden for the school. This exercise also developed their meditation techniques as part of the mindfulness aspect of the Coca-Cola EEA Ambassador Wellbeing Programme. The team were given an area, tools, plants and a timeframe and by the end of the day had to collectively have developed a Sensory Garden. The team put in a Trojan effort while some from South America found the weather the most challenging aspect. By the end of the day the team had developed a marvellous Sensory Garden that the Students & Staff of Moyne College will benefit from for years to come.

The Schools’ Business Partnership (SBP) is a flagship educational inclusion programme of Business in
the Community Ireland, the network for responsible business. SBP is recognized as
a model of international best practice and has been showcased by the EU Commission, OECD, France, Czech Republic and others. The programme aims to positively impact on educational inclusion in Ireland by facilitating a partnership between one school and one large local business. Moyne College are proud to be partnered with Ballina Beverages. Schools are at the heart of our communities so involving employees from local businesses with our young people makes common sense. We look forward to working with the staff from Ballina Beverages in the future.


Fianna Fail Party Leader visits Moyne College

Moyne College were privileged to have the Fianna Fail party Leader Micheál Martin and local TD Dara Calleary visit the school on Thursday 26th February last. Mr. Martin while in the area took time out of his busy schedule to visit the school and received a tremendous reception upon his arrival. The party leader was greeted at the door by 2 students who then brought Mr. Martin into the meeting room where he met the School Student Council who chatted and debated numerous items with Mr. Martin & Mr. Calleary. The main topic of conversation with the student council centred around the debate surrounding the new Junior Cycle reform and the students were satisfied with the party leaders answers to their questions. After this, a General Assembly was held with the entire student and staff population where Mr. Martin addressed the crowd. He spoke about many matters but stressed that all our young people need to have more self-confidence and be assured that foreign multi-nationals and businesses value our educated young people very highly and that our education system is one of the best in the world. The two Fianna Fail representatives then took a guided tour of the school in the company of the Principal and Deputy Principal and was very impressed with what Moyne College has to offer the young people in the area and their families. Mr. Martin was wished well as he continued on his way to other appointments in the locality.


Friendship Week 2015

The 10th of February marked the beginning of Moyne College Friendship/Anti-Bullying Week, with a poignant opening ceremony delivered by Principal Siobhan Towey conveying the message of the importance of friendships within our school. The purpose of this week was to promote positive interactions among students and staff alike, enabling them to trust in each other, support each other and to share kindness. This was achieved through carefully chosen activities carried out in a positive manner whilst promoting the message that bullying will not be tolerated in our school, thus allowing every student to feel safe, unthreatened and accepted for who they are. Students were set the target to fill the ‘Heart of Kindness’ with posts of people who carried out

‘Random Acts of Kindness ‘during the week and this task certainly exceeded all expectations. A number of friendship sheriffs were on duty looking out for students carrying out good deeds which were tallied up and rewarded at the closing ceremony. Other activities that took place during the week included making friendship bracelets, a Hands of Unity wreath, clay modelling and team-building activities. Representatives from the local NYP visited our school to deliver a valuable workshop on anti-bullying and, in particular, cyber-bullying.

As we are working towards the Blue Shield Award Alona Levinge, a representative from the ISPCC Castlebar, attended our closing ceremony, informing the students of services available to them if they find themselves being bullied. Being awarded the Blue Shield Flag will symbolise that our school is proactive in stamping out bullying and highlighting that inclusion and acceptance of one another is at the core of our school ethos.

The week came to an exciting close with staff, students and parents releasing blue balloons carrying the wishes of all our students. Ms Towey is hopeful that Friendship/Anti-Bullying Week will become an annual event in Moyne College based on this year’s success.



Moyne College Enrolement Day

Following on from the Moyne College Open Night last Wednesday evening, we will be having our Enrolement Day this coming Saturday 24th January from 11.00a.m. until 1.00p.m. If you have already had a chance to come and hve a look at our school, then please feel free to pop along this Saturday and meet some of the members of our staff for a chat. For further information please ring: 09621472



Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Students from Moyne College pictured with their Christmas Shoeboxes on 10 November 2014. These shoeboxes will be sent to very poor children in Eastern Europe and Africa for Christmas…often it is the only present they will get all year. Students fill their shoeboxes with a variety of items including sweets, toys, pens, markers, colouring books, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hats, gloves and a variety of other things that these poor children very much need. Well done to all students who donated to this very worthy cause.