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Moyne College Students at the Jackie Clarke Museum

Moyne College French students recently visited The Jackie Clarke museum in conjunction with their French studies. The visit incorporated the study of ‘La Vie de Patrice Pearse’, (The Life of Padraig Pearse), by French author Louis Le Roux. Pictured left to right, back row are; Neil Kennedy, Ciaran Murray, Vincent Greavy, Jackie Langan.
Front row; Ann-Marie Kilgallon, Amber Garrett, Chelsea Delaney, Sky-Lyn Forde, Daniel Grant.


School Business Partnership

The Schools Business Partnership is an educational inclusion programme that partners schools with businesses and empowers young students to take control of their future. It is an initiative of “Business in the Community Ireland” and is supported by the School Completion Programme. Moyne College is delighted to be paired with Ballina Beverages for the past number of years. Ballina Beverages has successfully established itself as a key player in the worldwide Coca-Cola Business System. The plant is a major employer in the town with a workforce in excess of 350 people. The facility also uses the services of a number of contracting companies which employ a further 80 people at the Killala Road Facility.

Skills @ Work Programme

The Skills @ Work Programme provides students with a unique insight into the world of work. A number of volunteer employees partner an entire class of 5th year students.
Over five sessions, students are provided with the opportunity to learn about the partnering company and its business and to consider career and further study options available to them when they finish school.

Sessions in the Skills @ Work programme involve site visit, mock interviews, careers fair, team building session with employees and CV and interview preparation workshop.

During the years that the Schools Business Partnership has been running in our school we have seen very strong and long lasting relationships develop between employees of Ballina Beverages and students and it has be a very fulfilling experience for both sides.
We would like to thank Ballina Beverages and all their staff for their continued help and support and would also like Fania Ellison (S.B.P. Regional Co-ordinator) for all her hard work and efforts.


Moyne College & Ballina Beverages

We the student’s would like to thank many people for the brilliant experience of the Ballina Beverage’s student initiative. The people who helped us with this are:

Ms. Fania Ellision, SBP Co- Ordinator
Mr. Michael Geraghty, Engineering Manager
Ms. Siobhán McGovern, HR Manager
Mr. Eanna MacHale, S.B.P. Link Teacher
Ms. Catherine Gallagher, HR
Mr. Simon Park, I.T. Manager
Mr. Mark Cook, Ballina Beverages
Mr. David Scriney, Ballina Beverages

Students Comments

I found the CV workshop very interesting and think it will be of great benefit to me in the future” Eric Moran

“The trip to coca-cola was very exciting and informative. We were lucky to get the opportunity” Lizzie Cunningham

“I found the experience very worthwhile and would like to thank everyone involved. I really appreciate everything they have done for us” Neil McElhatton

“The mock interview was great as it prepared us for the real thing in years to come” Daniel Grant

“I really enjoyed the whole experience” Amber Garrett


Moyne College Save, Wax or Dye Event

The 5th year students at Moyne College engaged in a major fund raising drive for the Crumlin Road Hospital Research foundation for Children recently. As a result €806 was raised. The students sought and received massive support from the Community of Ballina in terms of spot prizes, materials and expertise (thank you to hairdresser), all which was donated free of charge. The students gained immensely from the experience and wish to express their heartfelt pride in the Community Spirit that Ballina has in these difficult challenging times.

It should also be pointed out that the students and staff enjoyed a wonderful, if not painful in some cases, transforming event which was enjoyed by all.




Mental Health Awareness

Mind Your Mind

We in Moyne College recognise the importance of promoting positive mental health and enabling young people to live fulfilling lives. We are aware that due to increasing daily pressures and difficult life events, mental health problems are on the increase particularly among young people. Therefore, in recent years as part of the school calendar, Moyne College has incorporated a valuable week-long initiative -‘Mind Your Mind’ focusing on promoting positive mental health and well-being. We aim to make young people aware of services and facilities should they, a member of their family, or a friend need to avail of them while ensuring that the stigma of mental illness becomes a thing of the past.
We wish to introduce alternative activities and experiences to address the issue of mental health and build strength and resilience for the future in a realistic and relevant manner appropriate to the age group. Students learn what mental health means, the importance of expressing oneself, identifying a support network and talking to someone.
Each year guest speakers are invited to speak to students and staff about their own personal experiences and how they deal with them. Mind Your Mind runs for a week before Christmas holidays – a wind down after all the hard work and Christmas tests. During this week students experience a range of different activities which promote positive mental health. Students are given the opportunity to take part in activities that aim at building resilience, equipping them with coping strategies and of course having fun. Activities vary from year to year and include; performing arts, kickboxing, relaxation, cookery, sport, karaoke, zumba, walking, art and crafts, art therapy, quizzes and much more.
This annual event would not be possible without loyal sponsorship from Mayo North East Leader Partnership and other various local businesses. We are also grateful to Mayo Mental Health for their support and time.




Monday 20th January 2014


Moyne College received a boost today after food company Kellogg’s awarded funding worth €450.00 to help support the school’s breakfast club.

Moyne College is one of 100 schools from across Ireland that will receive a grant after research* revealed that more children than ever are going to school hungry.

83% of teachers surveyed, believe that hunger causes a decrease in concentration among pupils, 76% believe it causes a decrease in performance levels and 75% believe that it causes an increase in tiredness and lethargy. A further 54% said that hunger increases poor behaviour in the classroom. 

“That’s why breakfast clubs are a lifeline for so many children. As well as offering vital nourishment, they provide them with an opportunity to learn interaction and socialisation skills in a way that they might never do at home.”

Kellogg’s has been supporting breakfast clubs for more than a decade and has set up over 1,000 in the UK and Ireland in that time. It will be supporting up to 100 breakfast clubs in Ireland this academic year alone.



For further information, please contact Moyne College at 09621472


Existing Kellogg’s breakfast clubs will receive €250 grant and €200 cereal vouchers

New Kellogg’s breakfast clubs will receive a €400 grant and €50.00 cereal vouchers

Notes to editors
* This survey was carried out online among primary (55%) and secondary school (45%) teachers / members of Empathy Research’s IdeasPanel. The survey was live from 27th September – 7th October 2012. There were a total of 553 participants in the survey.