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Junior Certificate School Programme (JCSP)

The Junior Certificate School Programme is run in conjunction with the Junior Certificate. The Junior Certificate School Programme is not an alternative to the Junior Certificate. It is a framework that is designed to help schools and teachers develop an imaginative approach to the Junior Certificate course. All the students in the Programme must be entered for the Junior Certificate examination
It is based on the concept that all junior cert students are capable of achieving real success in school and that they can have a positive experience of education. The programme provides students with an opportunity for success in school and it rewards that success with a record of their achievements, from the Department of Education
What is the aim of JCSP?

The aim of the programme is to help students to:
Help young people experience success
Develop a positive self-image by providing a curriculum and assessment framework suitable to their needs.
Engage with the curriculum.
Become more confident learners.
Enjoy school and learning
Stay in education for longer.
Subject Statements

Each subject offered at Junior Certificate level is broken down into statements and the students complete as many statements as possible in the 3 years before doing their Junior Certificate.
A statement describes an area of knowledge, a concept or a skill in a subject area. It states what the student knows, understands or can do. Students are awarded each statement when they are competent in at least 80% of the statement.

The JCSP offers funding for initiatives in extracurricular activities and for promoting Literacy and Numeracy. Here at Moyne College, our JCSP students have taken part in the following initiatives

  • Paired Reading Project.
  • Artist in residence
  • Read-a-long Challenge.
  • Storytelling.
  • Flashmaster Maths/Maths games
  • Make a book
  • Field Trips.
  • Christmas Celebration.
  • Summer Celebration.
  • Music – Make a Bodhran

JCSP Awards Ceremony

Our JCSP awards ceremony takes place in May when the students will be awarded their student profile from the Department of Education and Skills. This profile is an official record of their achievement over the course of the three years.

Contained within the profile are:

  • Certificate of participation from the Department of Education and Skills.
  • Reference from the school.
  • Official list of statements successfully completed.

The Awards Ceremony is attended by 3rd Year JCSP students, parents, staff and special guests.