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Passionate about painting? Potty about pottery? Or just want to do something amazing with art?

Here in Moyne College Art, Craft and Design is a choice subject. The benefits of an education in art, craft and design extends far beyond a competence in the subject itself, because the experience gained and the skills developed can be enjoyed and applied throughout life, enabling the student to understand and appreciate the creativity of others.

During the first three years Students will explore the following areas;

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Graphic Design
  • Craft work- Pottery, Printing, Batik, Packaging
  • 3-D work

For the  duration of the Junior Cycle students have 4 class periods of 40 minutes each.
In Year 3 of Junior Cycle students do an Art Project. At the beginning of October, they are given themes by the State Examination Commission. Students will decide on a theme and begin to research using a variety of media. Over a period of 7 months students will develop works of art in 3 areas - craft, 3-D and a painting or graphic design. For each area they will submit preparation, support studies and a finished piece for examination. In addition to the project, students sit a drawing exam which consists of an object drawing and a figure drawing. This exam takes place at the start of May. Students then have no further examination as part of their Junior Certificate, therefore having more time available for the study of their other subjects.

For the Senior Cycle,  Art, Craft & Design is also a choice subject.
The practical areas are basically the same as for the Junior Cycle but in addition, there is the study of Art History (Irish and European) and Art Appreciation (Art and Design in the world around us)

The Leaving Certificate in Art consists of the following practical exams, which take place in May:

  • Still Life or Imaginative Composition
  • Craft
  • Figure Drawing (2 poses)
  • The Art History exam takes place in June as part of the general Leaving Cert exam

Art Students in Moyne College take part and help out in many extra curricular activites;

  • St Patricks day Parade
  • School variety Show
  • Junk Kouture
  • Print work shops
  • Recycling workshops
  • School displays
  • Gallery visits
  • Art competitions