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 Junior Cycle

The essential aim of teaching English at Junior cycle is to reinforce and continue the work of the primary school. We endeavour to do this through nurturing the intellectual, imaginative and emotional growth of each student by developing his or her personal proficiency in the arts and skills of language. General reading is encouraged. During First Year the Department aims to enhance the student’s appreciation of English and to develop reading and writing skills. The students are introduced to the novel, short stories and a wide range of poetry and literary terminology. They are encouraged to develop their creative skills by practicing writing in the various genres they have studied. The development of skills in speaking and listening should play as important a role as reading and writing in this English programme. In Second Year the students begin their study of Shakespeare with Romeo and Juliet or The Merchant of Venice and are introduced to the works of other writers. Irish playwrights are also prominently featured in the curriculum. The development of both functional and creative writing skills is also a significant part of the course. In Third Year special emphasis is placed on the development of all the students’ skills as well as on the promotion of examination techniques. At Junior Cycle, the overall focus of the Department is on nurturing the creativity of each student and providing her with an excellent foundation in English. Literacy week is held during the year during which students are encouraged to write short stories, essays and poetry. We incorporate the Junior Cert Schools Programme into our curriculum and take part in the Make a Book exhibition.

Senior Cycle

The essential aims of teaching English at Senior Cycle is to initiate students into enriching experiences with language so that they become more adept and thoughtful users of it and more critically aware of its power and significance in their lives. Students are prepared for the Leaving Certificate examination at either Higher or Ordinary Level in mixed ability classes. The syllabus builds on the aims of the Junior Cert syllabus, which emphasizes the development of arrange of literacy and oral skills in a variety of domains, personal, social and cultural. Their ability to distinguish and reproduce different registers of language is developed. They study a variety of literary texts, including poetry, novel, drama and film. The Department arranges visits to the theatre, when possible, to attend performances of the set plays. Students are also encouraged to develop their language skills by reading widely outside of the course. Their interest in film and drama is fostered above and beyond the works set for the Leaving Certificate Course. English at this level must excite students with aesthetic experiences and emphasize the richness of meanings and recreational pleasure to be encountered in literature and in the creative play of language. This English programme facilitates the lifelong needs of students and also, the language demands, both written and oral, that are placed on them by the wider community.