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Metalwork & Engineering

Moyne College is the only secondary school in Ballina to offer Metalwork for Junior Certificate and Engineering for Leaving Certificate, to both girls and boys. Students studying these subjects have the opportunity to work with a wide range of materials in an up to date and well equipped workshop. Students are encouraged to strive for their best and because of this, excellent results are obtained by our students in state examinations.

Metalwork provides an introduction to materials and process engineering in terms of a synthesis of activities and learning experiences. While the main thrust of the course is founded in practical and physical activities, it is also designed to develop extensively the affective and cognitive areas by virtue of integrative, inductive and holistic influences.

Course Structure and Examination

The course is divided into two main sections;
(1) Techniques and Design, which incorporates all of the practical work; a practical examination and project work.
(2) Materials and Technology, which is the related technical and technological comprehension, examined by written examination.

The main areas of study for students studying Metalwork are;

*Health and Safety *Benchwork
*Drilling *Hot and Cold Forming of Metals
*Fitting and Assembly *Heat Treatments
*Lathework *Communication and Planning
*Design *Decorative finishing of Materials
*Materials Technology *Tools Technology
*Machine Tool Technology *Assemblies and Mechanisms

The Engineering Technology syllabus reflects the changing needs of society. Knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes acquired during the study of the subject will prepare students to participate fully in the modern technological world. It will contribute to the development of the student’s entrepreneurial expertise, autonomous learning and a variety of transferable cognitive and practical skills. A strong emphasis is placed on problem solving, on research and on the design and manufacture of useful artefacts.

Course Structure and Examination

The course structure and examination of Engineering Technology is similar to that of Metalwork. It is also made up of practical and theoretical elements and assessment is also carried out through a practical examination, a project and a written exam.

The main areas of study for students studying Engineering are;

* Health and Safety
*Manufacturing Techniques and Technology
• Materials Science
• Drawing and Design
• Computer Aided Processes (CAD/CAM)
• Power and Energy
• Electronics
• Mechanisms


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