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Pastoral Care Policy

Every child matters in Moyne College and our Mission Statement is at the heart of everything the school strives to do. In order for us to realise our Mission Statement we adopt a strong Pastoral Care system. The Pastoral Care system is an approach to education which endeavours to value and develop each member of the school community. It promotes learning at every level of the student.

The Pastoral Care System in Moyne College ensures the holistic development of every student in order for them to realise their true potential in a safe, caring atmosphere. Pastoral Care seeks to respect and nurture the quality of all relationships.

Every member of the school community has a role to play in the implementation of the pastoral care system.

As part of the pastoral care the following is in place:

Year Head and Tutor System

Each year group is assigned a year head and two tutors. The year head has overall responsibility for the students in their year group and the tutors support the work of the year head. Year Heads and tutors meet the students on a daily basis and a tutor period is scheduled weekly. Moyne College promotes an ‘open dorr’ policy, which allows students the freedom to discuss any issues that may arise during their day to day school life. This ensures that if problems arise that they can be addressed immediately preventing any undue stress.

Care Team

The school care team meets weekly to discuss the individual needs and requirements of the students as they arise. The Care Team reviews previous referrals to ensure that the needs of the students have been followed up on and addressed accordingly, while given due regard to legislative policy on child welfare issues. The Care Team invokes a cohesive approach with Túsla regarding any child care issues. Teachers in the school may make referrals to the care team by completing a concern record card. The Care team is made up of the Principal, Guidance Counsellor, HSCL, Learning Support and SCP Co-Ordinator.


Please see the following support links that operate in the school which are also part of the Pastoral Care system:

  • HSCL
  • Guidance Counsellor
  • Tearmann
  • Special Educational Needs – Learning Support, Gifted & Talented Programme
  • Big Brother/Big Sister mentoring Programme.