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S.C.P. Information for North Mayo

Sheila Feeney

North Mayo S.C.P. Co-Ordinator

Nora McGovern

S.C.P. Project worker


School Completion Programme

North Mayo School Completion Programme was set up in July 2007. The Programme is a Department of Education and Science Initiative that aims to have a positive impact on levels of pupil retention in school and on the number of students who successfully complete the Senior Cycle, or equivalent. The Local Co-ordinator is based in Moyne College and the school has access to a Project Worker one day a week. The project works with seven schools in the North Mayo area and offers In-School, After-School, Out-of School and Holiday Support.

SCP tailors these supports to meet the needs of all students but especially those who are at risk of early school leaving. The programmes and interventions offered to students vary from year to year. The following programmes are on offer to students in Moyne College for the academic year 2013/2014.

Breakfast Club

Moyne College’s Breakfast Club provides a healthy start to the day for students five days a week. Students can choose from a wide variety of nutritious foods ensuring good concentration levels and increased energy, supporting their academic performance. The warm and friendly atmosphere encourages the forming of good friendships and the opportunity for students to catch up with friends before the school day starts, therefore enhancing the school experience.

The Big Brother Big Sister Programme (BBBS) is a mentoring programme whereby 5th year students act as mentors to 1st year students, providing additional support to young people who have made the transition from Primary to Post-Primary school. The purpose of the match is that the two students will develop a friendly and positive relationship that will ultimately benefit both of them. The programme is co-ordinated by Foroige (National Youth Development Organisation) and SCP. The senior students help the first years with practical tasks initially such as reading, time tables, finding classrooms understanding the rules of their new school and are on hand to help them with any queries or worries they may have. Once a week the students all meet to chat, play board games, play pool, read magazines or do some joint activities. As part of the programme the students take part in an overnight trip to an Adventure Centre where they have the opportunity to try out adventure sports such as surfing, kayaking, orienteering or high ropes. The matches also spend an afternoon in Ballina Neighbourhood Youth Project where they participate in games and activities that promote team work and allow the senior students to develop their skills as good role models. Whilst supporting first years in their first year of Post-Primary school the programme also provides an opportunity for senior students to take on an important role of responsibility.


Individual Support
One day a week Moyne College has access to one of the SCP Project Workers. She is available to meet with students to support them around any difficulties that might arise for them which may be inhibiting them from reaching their full potential or effectively participating in school. The Project Worker provides support around attendance, homework, behaviour, self-esteem, social skills and personal development.

School Completion Programme have access to Counsellors who can meet with and talk to students when difficulties arise for them that they need extra support with.

Extra Tuition
Where students need that bit of extra academic support to help them reach their full potential extra tuition can be provided through SCP. Sometimes that one-to-one or small group tuition can make all the difference to a student increasing their confidence in the classroom giving them the support they need to complete a task or sit an exam. Typically the support focuses on numeracy and literacy however extra tuition can also be provided in other subjects depending on the needs of each individual student.

Study Skills
Students in Leaving Certificate attended a one day seminar at the beginning of the academic year facilitated by ‘The Super Generation’ on study skills. The programme introduces various methods and strategies to assist with the organisation and management of each student’s own study in preparation for exams. Techniques such as mind mapping, memory techniques and learning styles are transferred as practical strategies students can employ to help them study and in turn help them to achieve their best in their Leaving Certificate.

Summer Camp
Each year incoming first years are invited to participate in a Summer Camp in the school during the month of July. We find this camp very beneficial in terms of easing the transition for students from Primary to Post-Primary school. Students get the chance to bond with their peers in an informal setting before they officially start school. That ‘first day’ can be a daunting prospect for some students but having spent some time in the school prior to this we find that some of those fears can be alleviated. The camp incorporates a mixture of educational and recreational activities such as cookery, metal work, sport, games, quizzes, arts and crafts and team building exercises.