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Tearmann-Nurture Group

We are really fortunate at Moyne College to have an additional classroom in which we are able to welcome new students and also provide a curriculum that is especially tailored to the needs of small groups of children who lack confidence in themselves, need additional support or are otherwise not performing to their full potential. 

Our Nurture Group has been given a unique Irish name - ‘Tearmann’ which means refuge or sanctuary. It provides interventions to help develop social, emotional and behavioural skills to ensure maximum progress within the mainstream educational setting.

Our Aim in Tearmann is to….

• Improve children’s self- esteem and develop confidence through close and trusting relationships with two trained adults who act as a point of contact to keep an eye on behaviour, presentation, time keeping and organisation. We work through di¬fficulties together and provide reassurance and encouragement to help our students reach their full potential.
• Help ease the transition for new students from primary to secondary school – through prior visits to Tearmann, Friends for Life and Induction Programmes. Such programmes are also put in place for transfer students.
• Encourage children to focus on positive behaviours and how to transfer these skills into mainstream classes.
• Focus on the children’s understanding and use of language both emotionally and academically while encouraging them to express themselves through different mediums.
• Provide a secure and reliable structured environment where children can feel safe and cared for, where their opinions are listened to and valued.
• Offer Tearmann to our students – both groups and individuals who may need ‘time out’ from their daily routine for various reasons from time to time. Tearmann provides a trusting and relaxing setting for this where students have the opportunity to discuss issues or have quiet time until they are ready to return to class.

What will the children be learning and in what context?

In each area there is specific equipment & materials which help to provide learning opportunities for the children within the Nurture Group.


Here the children participate in learning activities that are specifically tailored to each child’s individual needs. Teaching and learning activities are designed to support what the children are doing in their classrooms as well as offering opportunities to broaden their experiences in a range of skills. An emphasis is put on improving literacy and numeracy skills and cross curricular activities. The children benefit from much individual attention as two members of staff are on hand to encourage and celebrate their success. Students’ individual learning needs are catered for and Individual educational plans are implemented to improve learning.


Mealtime demonstrates caring; and sharing encourages communication and language while of course satisfying needs. This practice provides basic learning experiences in many different ways, as well as promoting important life skills.


The relaxation area aims to reinforce routine where the children meet each session to share their experiences. Here students get a chance to recall and verbalise events of the previous day. This helps students to enhance their vocabulary, helps build up basic concepts providing security, identity and a sense of time. Students learn the importance of taking turns, asking and answering questions correctly, eye contact, body language and appropriate body contact. Students also use this area for quiet reading, paired reading and listening to audio books.


Extra activities include work around the areas of self-esteem, anger management and bereavement. Students will also benefit from music therapy, relaxation techniques, art and craft activities, gardening and social interaction games and occasional trips. Our school choir meet in Tearmann weekly and perform at various events during the school calendar.