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Transition Programme

Moving on up…


Making the move from Primary school to Secondary school can be a difficult move for a young person to make, which is why we in Moyne College run a transition programme to help make that move a little bit easier for students and their parents.

Our programme; “Moving On Up” involves the following initiatives that will help your son/daughter settle into life in Moyne College:

What we can offer…


      • Transfer of Information – we will meet the primary schools prior to your son/daughter starting with us and identify what has worked well for your son/daughter in an educational setting.
      • Parent Passport - we will hold an information session for parents about what to expect from Moyne College. As part of this session parents will complete a ‘Passport’ of information on their own son/daughter that will help the school to get to know the individual child better.
      • Year Head/Class Tutor – where possible the year group team will meet with the students prior to them starting so that they can identify a familiar face
      • Postcards – 1st year students will send a postcard to the incoming students welcoming them to Moyne College.


      • Summer Camp – new entrants will have the opportunity to attend a summer camp at the end of June. This will give them the opportunity to meet other students who will also be members of 1st Year.
      • Sampling the Timetable - all students will have the opportunity to sample all choice subjects before they make a final decision as to which subjects they will pursue as part of their Junior Cycle.


      • Student Induction - Students will engage in activities that will help cover the following topics:


v      Getting to know your classmates

v      Getting to know your school

v      Knowing my timetable

v      Knowing my teachers

v      Making friends

v      Rules & routines

v      Homework

v      Worries & concerns

v      Lockers

v      Getting organised


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