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School Business Partnership

The Schools Business Partnership is an educational inclusion programme that partners schools with businesses and empowers young students to take control of their future. It is an initiative of “Business in the Community Ireland” and is supported by the School Completion Programme. Moyne College is delighted to be paired with Ballina Beverages for the past number of years. Ballina Beverages has successfully established itself as a key player in the worldwide Coca-Cola Business System. The plant is a major employer in the town with a workforce in excess of 350 people. The facility also uses the services of a number of contracting companies which employ a further 80 people at the Killala Road Facility.

Skills @ Work Programme

The Skills @ Work Programme provides students with a unique insight into the world of work. A number of volunteer employees partner an entire class of 5th year students.
Over five sessions, students are provided with the opportunity to learn about the partnering company and its business and to consider career and further study options available to them when they finish school.

Sessions in the Skills @ Work programme involve site visit, mock interviews, careers fair, team building session with employees and CV and interview preparation workshop.

During the years that the Schools Business Partnership has been running in our school we have seen very strong and long lasting relationships develop between employees of Ballina Beverages and students and it has be a very fulfilling experience for both sides.
We would like to thank Ballina Beverages and all their staff for their continued help and support and would also like Fania Ellison (S.B.P. Regional Co-ordinator) for all her hard work and efforts.


Moyne College & Ballina Beverages

We the student’s would like to thank many people for the brilliant experience of the Ballina Beverage’s student initiative. The people who helped us with this are:

Ms. Fania Ellision, SBP Co- Ordinator
Mr. Michael Geraghty, Engineering Manager
Ms. Siobhán McGovern, HR Manager
Mr. Eanna MacHale, S.B.P. Link Teacher
Ms. Catherine Gallagher, HR
Mr. Simon Park, I.T. Manager
Mr. Mark Cook, Ballina Beverages
Mr. David Scriney, Ballina Beverages

Students Comments

I found the CV workshop very interesting and think it will be of great benefit to me in the future” Eric Moran

“The trip to coca-cola was very exciting and informative. We were lucky to get the opportunity” Lizzie Cunningham

“I found the experience very worthwhile and would like to thank everyone involved. I really appreciate everything they have done for us” Neil McElhatton

“The mock interview was great as it prepared us for the real thing in years to come” Daniel Grant

“I really enjoyed the whole experience” Amber Garrett