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Letter to Parents - HSE Responsibility

Dear Parent/Guardian,

While we are working hard to ensure that our school community remains free of Covid-19, we feel it is important that you know what will happen in the event of a confirmed case of Covid-19 within the school.

If there is a confirmed case, a risk assessment will be carried out by the Department ofPublic Health and the school will be advised of what approach to take. The school must take the Department of Public Health Advice only concerning confirmed cases.

Even if a parent informs the school that a student has tested positive, the school must still await contact from Public Health. The school has no authority to take any action that would be independent of the advice issued from the department of Public Health. 

The school cannot share information about any individual’s health and must respect confidentiality and Data Protection, meaning that the school cannot and will not comment on any individual case even if the situation is known in the community.   
The school will share any information for parents that comes from the Department of Public Health.

Given the rising numbers of confirmed cases nationally, it is unfortunate that there is a chance that a confirmed case may arise in the school over the coming months. However we want to assure parents /guardians that we will follow and act upon the best advice given to us from the Department of Public Health and control the situation as best we can.  If this situation does occur in the future, parents may feel they need more information from the school; however, we hope you understand that we are limited in what information we can share as indicated above.   

In order to reduce the risk of Covid-19 we all need to take personal responsibility regarding our actions and behaviour. We must all adhere to the guidelines as issued by the Department of Public Health and remind ourselves that we are all in this together.

Covid – 19 has brought many challenges for all of us but we must try and remain calm during these unprecedented times, not easy I know. From time to time students become unwell and school may ask for parents to collect their children. It is important that we avoid panicking if students or even staff go home after feeling unwell. 

It is not ok for students to contact home without permission to ask parents to collect them from school. The procedures around collecting students from school remains the same – a member of staff, usually the Year Head, will contact home to collect their son/daughter who is feeling unwell. Parents must report to school where their son/daughter will be brought to them. The school secretary will mark the student as being signed out on our school management system. Parents will no longer be required to sign the signing out book as per previous years but parents MUST present to the school to collect their son/daughter.  

Please see below extract from the letter issued to schools from the Department of Education and Skills for your reference:

The COVID-19 Schools Public Health Pathway has proved effective since schools reopened. The Department of Education and the Health Service Executive (HSE) have worked together to review the current pathway, identify opportunities for improvement and streamline the current process.

It is important to note that:

  • • Not all confirmed cases will require Public Health engagement with school - for example if a case was not determined to be in the school during the infectious period, there may be no actions required within the school setting.
  • • Departments of Public Health will contact schools where a confirmed case is notified to them that may have implications for the school (e.g. the case was in school during the infectious period and there is a risk of spread in the school setting). This will usually be the same day Departments are notified, but may occasionally be the next day.
  • • We kindly ask therefore that you await contact from Departments of Public Health, which will occur rapidly if required, before taking any action.
  • • Even if you are aware, e.g. through a parent,of a confirmed case of COVID-19 that has been within the school setting recently, it should be remembered that the confirmed case is no longer within the school setting, and the risk of onward infection from them has been removed. We also understand from the international literature that onward transmission within school settings is unusual, particularly with good implementation of public health recommendations, including hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene and physical distancing.

Dealing with a suspected case of Covid 19

covid 19 

If a student displays symptoms of Covid 19 while in a classroom then the class teacher will:

1. Ask the student to sit on a seat outside the open door of your room. At least 2 metres distance must be maintained from the symptomatic person at all times. Ensure the student keeps their mask on at this time.

2. Alert the Deputy Principal that a student is displaying symptoms of Covid 19. If an SNA is present in the room then they may carry out this task. Where there is no SNA present then the class teacher may request a responsible student to alert the Deputy Principal.

3. The Deputy Principal will report to the classroom where the suspected case is and in turn he will accompany the student to the designated isolation area. The Deputy Principal will remain in the isolation unit until the parents/guardians arrive to the school to collect their son/daughter. The Deputy Principal will don the PPE that will be located in the isolation unit and ensure that 2 metres distance is maintained from the symptomatic person.

4. The school will promptly contact the students’ parents/guardians that their son/daughter has presented with symptoms of Covid – 19. This task can be carried out by the Principal or the HSCL. They will be requested to collect their son/daughter immediately from the school and at the designated exit point which is located close by the isolation unit. On arrival to the school the Deputy Principal will bring the student to the parents who will be waiting outside. Parents will not be permitted to enter the building. Siblings of the student presenting with symptoms will also be collected.

5. The student must self – isolate until they contact their GP.

6. The student (and siblings) can return to school when (i) the symptomatic student presents a: GP cert stating that they are fit to attend, or (ii) 14 days after receiving a positive Covid result.

If a student presents with symptoms of Covid 19 outside of the classroom, for example during break or lunch time then the teacher whom the symptoms are reported to must ensure that the student is removed immediately from the area and brought to the designated isolation area and ensure that the area is clear from other students. The Deputy Principal must be alerted immediately and follow steps outlined above.

If a student presents with symptoms of Covid 19 during PE then the student must be brought into the Ballina Sports Centre’s isolation unit. The Deputy Principal will be alerted immediately to this and he will report to the designated isolation unit in the sports centre and follow the steps outlined above.

Reopening of Schools - Update 

Reopening of Schools - Update

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I hope that you are enjoying the summer holidays with your families despite the weather.

I am contacting you with a brief update of the progress of reopening the school at the end of the month.

I am sure you are aware that the Minster for Education published a comprehensive document on the  “Roadmap for the Full Return to School”,  on Monday last and I anticipate that you are wondering what implications this will have at a local level.    

It is the expectation of the School Management that the School will reopen for all, and that all year groups will return in a staggered formation during the week of 31st  August – 4th September.  It is further hoped that all students will be attending each day from Monday7th September 2020. Details of which have to be finalised. Once finalised you will be notified immediately.

The school staff are working through the recently received documentation and are making the necessary provisions for a safe return for all students. Some guidelines are still being sought from the department and I hope to be able to provide you with a fairly comprehensive plan of return by the beginning of next week.

We are fortunate enough to have secured funding for a new fire alarm system. This fire alarm is currently being installed. Hopefully this work will be completed in plenty of time to allow us to prepare for a safe return to school for students and staff.

In terms of school uniforms, students will be expected to wear full school uniform, however if there are supplier issues, allowances will be made for parents for a couple of weeks.

Students will not be required to wear face coverings for the school day, however we would ask that students have one available to them should an unforeseen situation arise that it would be recommended to wear one.

Because of the threat of Covid -19 and all of the national health guidelines to be adhered to, it is fair to say that the school experience will be quite different for students, parents and teachers than it was when the schools closed down in March. In light of this as we are planning the reopening of our school, we are conscious of trying to keep the school as supportive, familiar, and enjoyable an experience for the students as we can.

If you have any questions in the meantime please send a separate email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and we will respond asap.

Farewell Leaving Certs 2020

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