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Dealing with a suspected case of Covid 19

covid 19 

If a student displays symptoms of Covid 19 while in a classroom then the class teacher will:

1. Ask the student to sit on a seat outside the open door of your room. At least 2 metres distance must be maintained from the symptomatic person at all times. Ensure the student keeps their mask on at this time.

2. Alert the Deputy Principal that a student is displaying symptoms of Covid 19. If an SNA is present in the room then they may carry out this task. Where there is no SNA present then the class teacher may request a responsible student to alert the Deputy Principal.

3. The Deputy Principal will report to the classroom where the suspected case is and in turn he will accompany the student to the designated isolation area. The Deputy Principal will remain in the isolation unit until the parents/guardians arrive to the school to collect their son/daughter. The Deputy Principal will don the PPE that will be located in the isolation unit and ensure that 2 metres distance is maintained from the symptomatic person.

4. The school will promptly contact the students’ parents/guardians that their son/daughter has presented with symptoms of Covid – 19. This task can be carried out by the Principal or the HSCL. They will be requested to collect their son/daughter immediately from the school and at the designated exit point which is located close by the isolation unit. On arrival to the school the Deputy Principal will bring the student to the parents who will be waiting outside. Parents will not be permitted to enter the building. Siblings of the student presenting with symptoms will also be collected.

5. The student must self – isolate until they contact their GP.

6. The student (and siblings) can return to school when (i) the symptomatic student presents a: GP cert stating that they are fit to attend, or (ii) 14 days after receiving a positive Covid result.

If a student presents with symptoms of Covid 19 outside of the classroom, for example during break or lunch time then the teacher whom the symptoms are reported to must ensure that the student is removed immediately from the area and brought to the designated isolation area and ensure that the area is clear from other students. The Deputy Principal must be alerted immediately and follow steps outlined above.

If a student presents with symptoms of Covid 19 during PE then the student must be brought into the Ballina Sports Centre’s isolation unit. The Deputy Principal will be alerted immediately to this and he will report to the designated isolation unit in the sports centre and follow the steps outlined above.