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Admissions Policy



Moyne College is a multi-denominational, co-educational centre of learning where each student is imbue with an awareness of human dignity and uniqueness and where the desire to achieve success is instilled through committed study and participation in various spheres of school life.

Moyne College is a school under the trusteeship of Mayo, Sligo and Leitrim Education & Training Board. We are an inclusive school both in our intake and in the curriculum which we provide. We aim to provide the highest standard of education and care for all our students. 

Our behaviour management strategies and structures are built on the principles of justice and fairness. We endeavour to fulfil our Mission in partnership with parents/guardians, staff, students, trustees and the local community. 

Scope, Rational and Legal Framework

The scope of this policy is to provide fair, transparent and effective criteria for the admission of students to Moyne College in compliance with the legislative requirements of the:

  • Education Act 1998 
  • Education Welfare Act 2000 
  • Equal Status Acts 2000-2004
  • Education of Persons with Special Educational Needs Act 2004)

The policy is based on the principles of:

  • Respect for parental & student choice
  • Equality of access and participation in the school
  • Respect for diversity of traditions, values, beliefs, languages and ways of life in society.

This policy should be read in conjunction with the schools:

  • Vision and Mission statements
  • Code of Behaviour
  • Homework Policy
  • Attendance Policy
  • Additional Needs Policy
  • Policy on substance Abuse
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Policy on Bullying
  • Other school policies which may be agreed from time to time by the Board of   Management which will be sent to parents/guardians and will be part of the requirements for enrolment in Moyne College.

Enrolment Procedures

Entry Into First Year:

The School Principal visits all primary schools in the catchment area and an enrolment pack, including an application form, is presented to each 6th Class studentIn the weeks preceding enrolment, advertisements are placed in local newspapers, parish bulletins, local radio and on the school website regarding application procedures for the following academic year, 2019/2020

Students in 6th Class along with their Parents/guardians will have the opportunity to attend an Open Day on Saturday24th November 2018 between the hours of 11.30am and 2.30pm.

For those students wishing to enroll in Moyne College, parents may enroll their child on this date or on a date soon thereafter.

For parents who cannot attend the open evening and enrolment morning but wish to enroll their child in Moyne College may do so by contacting the school office in person to make an appointment with the Principal to complete all necessary application forms.  

All registration forms must be completed and returned to the School Principal on or before Friday 15th February2019, no later than 1.00pm.All applications received by this date will have equal status. It is with regret that the Board of Management cannot accept new enrollment applications after this date.

The reason for this is to ensure sufficient time for Moyne College to liaise with the Primary School, NEPS and the NCSE to plan for the smooth transition from the Primary school to Moyne College, particularly for students with additional needs.  Within 21 days of this closing date, each applicant will receive a reply from the school indicating whether or not he/she is being offered a place.

On receipt of an offer of a place, parents/guardians must secure that place by completing and returning the Acceptance Slip which accompanies the offer. 

This Acceptance Slip must be received in the School Office on/before the date indicated on the letter offering a place. 

Failure to return the completed Acceptance Slip by this date will result in the offer of the place being automatically withdrawn, and the place being offered to the next applicant on the waiting list.

First Year Enrolment Criteria:

In addition to the above the following is also considered when enrolling students into first year.

  • The Board of Management sets a figure each year for the number of students to be accepted into First Year. This figure will depend on the overall students in the school and the overall capacity for which the school can cater and is contingent on provision of suitable necessary accommodation and resources by the Department of Education and Skills
  • Our school works on the principle that it caters primarily for children from its own community and catchment area. Pupils from primary schools within our catchment area, i.e. our school being the nearest post-primary centre for school transport purposes. 

  • In the event that the number of applications exceeds the number of places available, places will be allocated on the following order of priority: 

Excess Applications:

In the event of excess applications resulting in the school not being able to provide places for all applicants due to lack of space, will be ranked in accordance with the following categories:

Category A:Those with siblings already in the school

Category B: Those within the catchment area

Category C:Thereafter on a first come, first served basis.

In the event that the school is oversubscribed in any of the above categories, the determining factor in allocating places and establishing a waiting list will be random selection. This random selection process will be independently witnessed.

Late Applications 

Any late applications will be kept on file and will be ranked according to the date and time of receipt of completed application; cognisance will be given to the above ranking categories. Such applications will only be considered once all applicants who applied on time have been accommodated with a school place.

This waiting list will remain valid up until the 14th September in the school year in which admission is sought.

The Board of management of Moyne College wishes to remind parents of the following important information:

  • Due to the time frame around the enrolment procedure, Parents/guardians are strongly advised to ensure that applications are submitted on time for a place in Moyne College.
  • Secondary school students must be aged 12 or over on January 1st of the calendar year following the child’s entry into First Year. 
  • Students entering the school must supply a Birth Certificate and PPS number or other appropriate identification. 

Additional Needs:

The Board of Management of Moyne College strives to provide an all-inclusive environment, as in accordance with Section 2 of the Education of Persons with Special Educational Needs 2004 Act and thus welcomes students with additional needs. However unless the nature and degree of those needs is such that to enroll the student concerned would be inconsistent with both the best interests of the student concerned and the effective provision of education for the other students with whom the student concerned is to be educated. 

In order to assess the needs of those students, the school will access records from the primary school well in advance of entry.  This may involve requesting a copy of the student’s medical, psychological and or individual education report if available.  

The school may deem it necessary to request immediate assessment in order to assist in establishing educational and training needs of the student relevant to his/her special needs and to profile the support services required.  This will require parental permission. Having gathered all the relevant information, the Board of Management will assess how these needs can be met.  

The school will also meet with the parents/guardians to discuss the applicant’s needs and school’s capabilities to meet those needs.  If further resources are required, the school will make an application to the National Council for Special Education requesting additional support in terms of resource hours, SNA support, specialised equipment and transport. When the adequate resources are not forthcoming from the NCSE/ Department of Education & Skills, the school may have to postpone admission until such a time the required resources are put in place. 

In the event of an application being postponed as outlined above, the Principal on behalf of the Board of Management will attempt to liaise with the parents/guardians and keep them informed of any/all progress being made. 

Failure to comply with the Board’s request to supply relevant documentation requested by the school, or to make a reasonable arrangement to meet the Principal to discuss the application if requested, may result in inadequate provision being made for the applicant, or may result in an earlier decision to enrol the applicant being revoked. 

The Principal, on behalf of the Board of Management will do all it possibly can to identify, plan and provide for the needs of a student with additional needs or a student with a disability seeking admission to the school.


Students may request to transfer to Moyne College and all applications to transfer will be treated individually. The Board of Management wish to inform prospective transfer students and their parents of the following:

  • Moyne College does not accept students who are already registered on PPOD with another school.
  • In the event a student is seeking a transfer to Moyne College as a result of expulsion from their current school placement, then this application will only be considered if the Section 29 Appeal process has been fully exhausted and that evidence of same is submitted with the application.

Applications to transfer will be considered thereafter subject to:

  1. a written submission as to the reason they wish to change schools, and 
  1. a completed Transfer Application and Student Enquiry Form from their previous school
  1. the school authorities taking into consideration existing class sizes; 
  1. the school being able to offer the same subject choices as the student’s previous course of study and subject to the required course of study lending itself to the acceptance of a student any time after commencement of term. 
  1. The School Management may interview the student and/or parents/guardians with a view to making a recommendation to the Board of Management.
  1. A follow-up meeting with member of the Board of Management where necessary.

However, the school must be satisfied with the reasons for the transfer and to this end, information will be requested from the student’s former schools, concerning attendance, education participation education progress, disabilities and special needs. The school authority will discuss the request for transfer and once all criteria has been met, the transfer student will be formally informed of the school’s decision in writing.

In making decisions on applications, the Board will have regard to relevant Department of education and Skills provisions in relation to:

  • Class size
  • Staffing Provisions
  • Requirements concerning accommodation
  • The Board may liaise with the Principal and teachers on whether or not the greater good would be likely to be affected adversely by the admission.
  • Due cognisance will also be given to the following categories when making a decision regarding an application to transfer:

Category A:Those with siblings already in the school

Category B: Those within the catchment area

CategoryCThereafter on a first come, first served basis.

Furthermore, the Board will also consider:

  • Entry to specific programmes will be determined following a review of the application forms and an interview process designed to ascertain the suitability of the applicant for the specific programme. However priority will be given to students from within the existing school community.
  • Entry to specific subjects will be determined by reference to the preferences indicated by students on their application form and by reference to the student’s previous performance at that subject relative to the other applicants; their results in State examinations where available will also be considered. Where this does not satisfactorily resolve the issue, the school may survey the student’s previous teacher(s) about their suitability for the subject or alternative subjects and the school may also take into account the availability of other suitable subjects available to competing applicants. 
  • Entry to specific subject levels will be determined by the student’s previous performance at that subject relative to the other applicants; their results in State Examinations where available will also be considered. 
  • Applications to repeat a year are subject to Department of Education and Skills Circular Letter M2/95. Applications will be considered in the light of places available on the relevant programme, subject to the class size and overall enrolment restrictions set out elsewhere in this policy. Applications must be in writing and must state the relevant Circular and the particular clause(s) being invoked in support of the application and must be accompanied by supporting documentation, as appropriate. The school must be satisfied that the applicant, in light of the special circumstances that gave rise to the application, applied him/herself to the best of their ability. Students taking a programme for the first time may be given priority in terms of subject choices within the programme. Priority will be given to Moyne College Students, who are permitted by the school in accordance with the Department of Education and Skills regulations, to repeat a school year.
  • Applications to repeat the Leaving Certificate Programme are not accepted as the school does not operate a Repeat Leaving Certificate Programme. It does not normally provide any additional teaching to cover material normally covered in year 1 of the Leaving Certificate Programme. Students who apply to repeat the Leaving Certificate will be considered in the context of places available in the relevant subjects, the overall programme and overall enrolment within the school and in the context of the students previous academic record, application to studies, attendance etc. Priority will be given to Moyne College students.

Applications to transfer will not be accepted after the 14th September 2018, as this could lead to a detrimental effect on the educational opportunities for the individual concerned and cause huge unsettlement to the students already engaging in a programme of study. 

The Board of Management reserves the right to refuse an application for admission in exceptional circumstances.

Such exceptional circumstances are exemplified by:

  • the admission of an applicant student is likely to pose an unwanted risk or threat to the safety and/or health and/or welfare of existing students and/or staff.
  • The lack of adequate resources to cater for the particular needs of the student.
  • Where applicants previous conduct is deemed to be in complete breach of the previous school’s Code of Conduct.
  • A refusal by the student and or parent to work in partnership with the school and to support educational experiences and activities that are offered to the young person.

Decision Making Process Regarding Admissions:

This is a matter for the Board of Management but is normally delegated to the Principal, who decides on such matters in accordance with the school’s Admissions Policies. The Principal may refer any application to the Board for decision. In exceptional circumstances where the Board of Management is unable to meet at short notice and to ensure compliance with legally imposed deadlines, the Principal may consult with the Chairperson and together they may make a decision in regard to the enrolment of a student/prospective student. This decision must be reported to and ratified by the Board of Management at its first meeting held after such decision is made. 

Right Of Refusal

The school reserves the right to refuse enrolment to any student in exceptional cases. Such an exceptional case could include the following: 

  1. The student has special needs such that, even with additional resources available from the Department of Education and Science, the school cannot meet the needs and/or provide the student with an appropriate education. 

  1. The student poses an unacceptable risk to other students, to school staff or to school property. 

Ultimately, the right to refuse admission is a matter for the Board of Management, who must balance the rights of the individual alongside the rights of the school community in line with regulation. 

Should any information supplied on an application form be invalid/become invalid, it is the responsibility of parents/guardians to contact the School Office immediately in writing and provide information needed to update the application. Failure to do so may render an application invalid, and may result in the applicant being refused admission to the school, or may result in an earlier decision to enrol the applicant being revoked. 

Right Of Appeal

Where a student is refused admission to the school, the parents/guardians of the student or the student, if she/he is 18 years of age or older, have/has the right to appeal this decision to the Board of Management and/or to the Secretary General of the Department of Education and Skills under Section 29 of the Education Act 1998. Relevant information and application forms are available from the school office.


In accepting a place in Moyne College, it is assumed , unless information in writing to the contrary, that the parents/guardians permit individual or group photographs of the applicant to the applicant to be taken for school, curricular or extra-curricular purposes. 

Review and Evaluation

The implementation, monitoring, review and evaluation of this policy is a matter for the Board of Management. This policy is annually reviewed by the Board. Amendments will be made in consultation with staff, parents through the Parents’ Association and students through the Students’ Council. 

This policy was adopted by the Board of Management on the ____________________ in light of current legislation and having consulted with partners in the school community named above. 

Reservations by Board of Management 

While recognising the right of students and parents to enrol in the school, the Board of Management has a responsibility to respect the rights of the existing school community and, in particular, the students already enrolled. This requires balanced judgements, which are guided by the principles of natural justice and acting in the best interests of all students. The Board of Management would seek to promote the greater good of the largest possible number of students at all times. 

Check List:

When applying for admission to MoyneCollege, please ensure that you have read the following documents carefully:

  • Admission Policy
  • School Code of Conduct
  • Attendance Policy
  • Anti-Bullying Statement/Policy
  • Substance Abuse Policy
  • Other school policies which may be agreed from time to time by the Board of   Management which will be sent to parents/guardians and will be part of the requirements for enrolment in Moyne College.

Signed: ______________________________________________

Chairperson of Board of Management

Date: _______________________________________________