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Attendance Policy


“Students are obliged by law to attend school regularly”
Education Welfare Act 2000

“Every day counts in a child’s education”
National Education Welfare Board


The aims of the attendance policy in Moyne College are to:

Encourage pupils to attend school regularly and punctually.
Identify pupils who may be at risk of developing school attendance problems.
Ensure that the school has procedures in place to promote attendance/participation.
Develop links between the school and the families of children who may be at risk of developing attendance problems.
Identify and remove, insofar as is practicable, obstacles to school attendance

The school will ensure that:

The importance of school attendance is promoted throughout the school. Each pupil will sign an Attendance contract [see appendix I] at the beginning of each academic year. The Year Head will keep this contract on file.
Pupils are registered accurately and efficiently.
Pupil attendance is recorded daily.
Parents or guardians are contacted when reasons for absences are unknown or have not been communicated.
Pupil attendance and lateness is monitored.
School attendance statistics are reported as appropriate to the Education Welfare Board.

Promoting Good School Attendance

Moyne College is committed to providing a positive school atmosphere, which is conducive to promoting good school attendance. In this regard:

The school curriculum, insofar as is practicable, is flexible and relevant to the needs of the individual child.
The school will promote development of good self-concept and self-worth in the students.
Internal communication procedures are in place to inform teachers of the special needs of pupils.
A special reward system will be introduced for promoting good attendance at school.
The assistance of the Education Welfare Officer will be utilised.
The Year Head will monitor the attendance rates of pupils in the first instance, and will notify the Principal of any concerns regarding the attendance of any child.
Pupils with a poor attendance record will, insofar as is practicable, be supported in an effort to improve their attendance.

In order to encourage good student attendance:

Each student’s attendance and punctuality record will be clearly stated on their school reports.
At the end of each half term first year pupils are presented with an attendance certificate if they have achieved full attendance
Students with full attendance at the end of the school year will be presented with a Certificate of Full Attendance at our Awards ceremony.
Students who have had improved attendance will also be recognised and rewarded.

School Code of Behaviour

Under Health and Safety Guidelines any student who arrives late to school must present a written explanation and sign the Late Book at Reception and then join their class immediately.
Students must not leave the school grounds during the school day without a written request from their parents/guardians and permission from their Year Head. As we cannot guarantee a student’s safety once they leave school grounds Parents/ Guardians must collect their child.
Students must sign out at the office accompanied by their Year Head and their Parent/Guardian and sign back in at the office on their return.
Any students signing out of school early will be counted and tallied for school attendance numbers.

Students who arrive late to school must attend Lunch time detention on the same day. Failure to attend this will result in an after school detention. Parents will receive written notification of this. Failure to attend after school detention will result in a meeting with student, parents and school Principal.

Students who are late three or more times in one week will automatically be given an after school detention regardless of their attendance at lunchtime attendance. Parents will receive written notification of this.

Guidance for Parents.

Should your son/ daughter be absent on the first day of absence the parent must contact the school office on 096-21472 to explain the absence.
On return to school the student must present a written explanation of absence to their tutor. Explanation notes which require parental signatures are available at the back of the Student Journal for this purpose.
If a student is absent for three or more days a medical certificate is required.

All these notes and certs will be retained by the school in the individual student file. These notes will form a record, which may be inspected by the Education Welfare Officer on a visit to the school.

Under the Education Welfare Act Moyne College is legally obliged to inform the Eduaction Welfare Board of any student who has missed 20 days or more. The Education Welfare Officer will then contact the school and parents to discuss the matter and together plan for good attendance.

Holidays During Term Time

As every day in school matters it is essential that the number of students absences are kept to a minimum. Therefore NO students are permitted to be absent from school for holiday purposes. Special dispensation may be given ONCE in a student’s school life for a maximum period of 7 consecutive school days. If a parent wishes for their son/daughter to be absent for a further period of time then they need to apply in writing to the Board of Management who may or may not grant permission. Otherwise days missed due to holidays outside this time will be counted as unexplained absences and a referral to the Education Welfare Board may be deemed necessary.

Roles and Responsibilities.

School Principal and Management
Awareness and implementation of the policy
Liaise with relevant personnel in relation to attendance, both in house and outside agencies
Liaise with parents when necessary
Support and encourage each student to attend daily.
Acknowledge students who have excellent attendance.

Class Tutor
Maintain the school roll-book in accordance with procedures.
Keep a record of explained and unexplained absences.
Contact parents in instances where absences are not explained on day one of absence.
Promote a reward system for pupils with exceptional attendance

Year Head
Support class tutor in encouraging good attendance and maintaining records.
Encourage students to have good attendance and punctuality
Contact parents on day three of unexplained absence.
Liaise with relevant personnel i.e. Principal, Attendance Officer, HSCL, Education Welfare Officer.

Attendance Officer
Monitor the number of absences of students and inform the Education Welfare Officer if a student misses twenty or more days in the same academic year.
Inform the Education Welfare Officer if a student is not attending school on a regular basis without sufficient reason.
Inform the Education Welfare Officer if a student is suspended from the school for more than three consecutive days.
Inform the Education Welfare Officer if a student’s name, for whatever reason, is removed from the school register.
In conjunction with the Education Welfare Officer, HSCL, Student and Parents set targets and plan for good attendance.

Home School Community Liaison Co-Ordinator

Liaise with parents and students in encouraging and supporting good attendance.
Liaise with Education Welfare Officer and partake in the planning process for improving and maintaining good attendance
Inform the relevant personnel of any issue that may be impinging on a student’s attendance.


This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis. The review team will consist of Principal, Deputy Principal, Year Heads, Attendance Officer and H.S.C.L

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