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Smoking Policy

Smoking Policy

There is a NO Smoking Policy in operation in this school

This policy relates to our school mission statement, ‘To enable all students to learn to their full

potential in a safe and caring environment’, by emphasising both the physical safety of a smoke

free school and the need to help young people to learn about the health risks associated with



  • To create a smoke free school environment.
  • To adhere to legal requirements that smoking is not permitted in the school, on the school grounds, and on school buses.


The objectives of the policy are:

  • To provide a smoke free school environment for everyone.
  • To present young people with a consistent message regarding tobacco and drug use and to provide appropriate role models.


  • In Ireland about 6000 people die each year from smoking-related diseases. This is 10 times more than the number killed each year in road accidents
  • Second-hand smoke – ‘breathing other people’s tobacco smoke’ causes at least 1,000

people to die a year. It has been shown to cause lung cancer, heart disease and cause the onset of asthma, chest and ear infections and cot death in children. It also leads to over 50 children being admitted to hospital per day. 80% of smokers take up the habit as teenagers with 450 children starting smoking every day (ASH).

  • Since 26th January 2004, as part of Section 47 of the Public Health Tobacco Acts 2002 and 2003, smoking has been prohibited in all workplaces and enclosed spaces, including schools.
  • The school has a duty of care to provide a healthy working environment for all students and staff.
  • Every employer is obliged to protect the health of staff, customers, residents and visitors to their premises
  • Everyone has the right to a smoke-free environment.
  • Schools have a major role to play in health education and prevention.
  • Research shows that most people who use tobacco begin as children, too young to understand the consequences of their actions. Children are greatly influenced by the environment in which they grow up in and if that environment promotes smoking as a normal everyday activity, they are much more likely to smoke. Once children start they quickly become addicted to nicotine and so begins a lifelong smoking habit.
  • Young people need to receive consistent messages and require non-smoking role models within the school. It has been shown that the biggest factor affecting youth smoking is prevalence of adult smoking and young people’s exposure to seeing smoking. (ASH, 2004)

Restrictions on smoking within the workplace

Smoking is NOT permitted in any part of the school’s premises, including kitchens, within the

entrance area to the school or on land adjacent to the school building (car park, garden areas,

walkway etc.) where this forms part of the school premises.

The enforcement of this total smoking ban is the responsibility of all designated responsible

persons within the school. The school’s disciplinary procedure will apply for dealing with students who breach the smoking ban.

Staff/Students or parents who raise genuine concerns about breaches of this policy will be protected from victimisation.

This policy applies to students, staff, members of the Board of Management , parents, visitors, members of the public, contractors and others working in, or using the school’s premises or vehicles.

This policy will be clearly displayed and visitors to the school will be informed of it.

In the event of non-employees who breach the policy, staff are advised to inform the School Authority who in turn will request said people to leave the premises.

The smoking policy will apply to all activities held in the school including before and after school

sessions and any meetings organised which are attended by school employees as part of their

work and/or visitors to such meetings/events.

Staff should avoid being seen smoking in public in sight of students, parents and visitors in order to reinforce a comprehensive approach.

Non-compliance by students will be dealt with in conjunction with the school’s disciplinary

procedure and overall Behaviour Policy.

The School may be subject to inspections from the Environmental Health Officer (HSE) to ensure that smoke free measures are implemented.

Designated smoking areas

There will be NO designated smoking areas provided within the school premises.


The smoking ban will apply to all school owned/hired/leased vehicles. No-one will be allowed to

smoke inside any school owned/hired/leased vehicles.

Employees are asked to refrain from smoking in their own vehicles, when used on school business and when carrying passengers.



Help with Smoking Cessation and Prevention

The school will support staff and students in school wishing to give up smoking by advertising and promoting external smoking cessation services and through regular health

promotion activities.

The school can be provided, on request, contact details of organisations who can assist those who are addicted to smoking and wish to give up. For example

The SPHE programme, delivered at Junior Cycle, seeks to educate students in the health issues relating to smoking.


Moyne College welcomes outside speakers to address students and staff on the dangers of smoking and ways to stop smoking.


There is a NO SMOKING Policy in operation in the school.

It is against the law of the state to smoke in the school, on school grounds and on school buses

  • The school authorities reserve the right to serve action on students who do not respect this requirement.
  • Parents will be informed of smoking offences. 
  • Names may be forwarded to the department of health and may incur financial implications for fines.
  • Teachers must record incidents of smoking with date, time and place and give information to the health & safety officer.